About Us
Dirty Whiskey Craft cocktail Lounge is the first of its kind in Hope Mills, NC. Here you can find that exclusive 21 and older environment not far from home. We pride ourselves in providing that upscale vibe with the smallest edginess from our sister brewery. Dirty Whiskey was founded by Jackie, Tito, Eric, and Jerry, all friends with a passion for beer that developed into a passion for Craft Cocktails. One majorly unique quality about Dirty Whiskey is that we pride ourselves in flaunting off NC based distilleries on our shelves and in our drinks. Our staff is a vital part in creating and developing the menus that change with the seasons. If there is one thing for certain you are guaranteed to find something you will like regardless of the name brand of liquor. If there is one thing for certain, you are guaranteed to find something you like regardless of the brand of liquor.
We are Veteran & Woman Owned
Proud to lead by example.
Did you know that North Carolina’s history of distilling spirits dates back as early as the 18th century? Local corn farmers quickly realized that distilling and selling alcohol yielded a greater return on their crops, overhauling their corn to market. This was the dawning of a new, thriving, spirit-producing community.

In the 1880’s, NC distilleries boomed, with over 450 producers of local spirits. This lucrative landscape for distillers came to a screeching halt in 1909, as state prohibition laws went into effect and the temperance movement gained momentum across the nation. Although federal prohibition ended in 1933, NC voted to remain dry until 1937.

Presently, North Carolina has over 80 locally owned distilleries, all of which have opened within the past 15 years. North Carolina distilleries are earning accolades for their award-winning spirits and currently generate a variety of products; including gin, moonshine, rum, vodka, and whiskey.

Our intention at Dirty Whiskey is to introduce our guests to a unique craft cocktail experience, while offering a specifically curated menu of North Carolina spirits, in-house fusions, and locally sourced ingredients. Here you will find the essence of our community and culture, along with delicious libations.

Join us in raising a glass to the North Carolina distillers, farmers, and producers of local goods. Our hope is to honor them, while creating one of a kind experiences and memories with you!


Dirty Whiskey
5431 Corporation Drive
Hop Mills, NC 28348